A body-warm waterbed

Water is the source of life and allows deep relaxation from the very first moment. Water is the source of life and the cradle of all existence.

The Wavebalance massage table actively and playfully utilises this natural power of water. The treatments invite you to let yourself glide into the gentle waves of the body-warm waterbed and surrender to the embrace of the water. The therapist utilises the resonance of the water waves on your body and incorporates this into the treatment. You become one with the water, resistance is released and weightlessness is created. This allows you to let go completely and the self-healing process can begin. A wave ritual integrates therapeutic, meditative and wellness aspects into a holistic regeneration process with a lasting effect.

YANG Treatment
Treatment: Restorative wave in loose clothing without oil

In the hectic hustle and bustle of life, there is often little time for ourselves. We lose sight of ourselves in the
the demands of everyday life and overlook the healing effects. The WaveEnergy
treatment is a healing full-body relaxation. Give yourself the gift of self-embrace in water
and sound. Enjoy the three-dimensional stretching treatment to loosen joints and fasciae.
and fasciae. Surrender to the unique experience of swinging in the waves and recharge your batteries.
recharge your batteries.

YIN Ritual
Treatment: Regenerating wave with oil

Achieve more harmony and harmony through guided deceleration. The WaveTouch ritual combines flowing strokes with gentle waves and a vibroacoustic sound effect. Warm oil caresses you and helps you to achieve a feeling of melting. An intense feeling of of being arises. The meditative, sonorous after-rest intensifies the experience and rounds off the shared experience.


  • YANG Treatment - Restorative wave| 45 minutes | 89 €
  • YIN Ritual - Regenerating wave| 45 minutes | 89 €
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  • YANG Treatment - Restorative wave| 45 minutes | 89 €

    YIN Ritual - Regenerating wave| 45 minutes | 89 €