VILA VITA in and around Marburg

Unique. Diverse.

In addition to our Mediterranean-inspired OLIVA mediterran and the cosy Zirbelstube, a wide range of VILA VITA culinary offerings awaits you in and around Marburg: Green Fine Dining at Marburger Esszimmer by Denis Feix, the Bückingsgarten below the Castle of the Landgrave, which has a great view over Marburg. Another option is the Waldschlösschen Dagobertshausen, which is surrounded by idyllic greenery. You can find VILA VITA delights to take home in the gourmet hot spot VITA essentials, which is near the hotel.

Marburger Esszimmer Restaurant

Denis and Kathrin Feix - top chef and sommelière have been running the Marburg Esszimmer since 2023 with a new, unique concept: Green Fine-Dining. The focus is on old and very rarely used varieties of vegetables and herbs, which come mainly from our own regional cultivation in Dagobertshausen.

Waldschlösschen Dagobertshausen Restaurant

Waldschlösschen celebrates refined cuisine featuring local produce 6 kilometres from Marburg in idyllic Dagobertshausen. Enjoy the free view of the landscape with our delightful, creative cuisine. Our kitchen team serves up fresh and exclusive dishes every day with regional products that change seasonally, some of which come from the neighbouring Hofgut Dagobertshausen. 

Bückingsgarten Restaurant and Biergarten

Below the Castle of the Landgrave, you can enjoy dishes ranging from plain to high-end international cuisine in the restaurant and beer garden with the best view of Marburg.

Aroma Bistro and Eiscafé

The Aroma’s concept masterfully combines a bistro with an ice cream parlour. The food served ranges from bowls and snacks to warm dishes and ice cream made on-site according to the Italian tradition.

Hofgut Dagobertshausen

Nestled in the impressive natural landscape of mountainous Upper Hesse, Hofgut Dagobertshausen is located only five kilometres away from the university city Marburg. Today, the estate is used for a wide range of purposes as an event location, an à la carte restaurant, a guest house, an agricultural production location, a farm and even as an international equestrian sports facility.

VITA essentials

Marburg’s gourmet hot spot sells fine snacks and gourmet specialities from hand-selected manufacturers around the world, as well as VILA VITA specialities that you can take home.