Manicures & Pedicures

Pamper your hands & feet

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Spa manicures

Give your hands special attention! Your hands will be cosmetically treated and cared for. After a hand bath, your nails are filed into an even shape. Finally, the nails are polished, creamed and, if desired, varnished*. 

Spa manicure | 69 euros
Spa manicure with lacquer | 79 euros

Spa pedicures

Treat your feet with special attention!
The treatment includes a pampering foot bath followed by nail and foot care. If desired, your nails can be painted in your favourite colour*. 

Spa pedicure | 79 euros
Spa pedicure with lacquer | 89 euros

*You will receive the nail polish to take home with you so that you can enjoy the colour for a long time.

  • Manicures | from 69 euros
  • Pedicures | from 79 euros
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  • Manicures | from 69 euros

    Pedicures | from 79 euros