Slim and Firm Detox

Give your skin new radiance and resilience

BODY STRATEGIST peeling / renewal

A fresh AHA peel with apple and citrus essences. Your body’s skin will acquire additional radiance, youthful freshness and resilience.


BODY STRATEGIST slimming / detox

The initial exfoliation promotes your body’s ability to take in the thermal mud enriched with aroma essences and algae. The beauty treatment improves your skin’s texture if you have cellulite, stimulates lipolysis and drains tissue.



Body massage for optimising connective tissue in the stomach, legs and buttocks areas. An intensive treatment for releasing toxins. The detox body mask refines your skin and stimulates metabolism in your tissue.

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  • Exfoliation - 30 minutes | 42 euros

    Partial-body slimming - 30 minutes | 45 euros

    Full-body slimming - 60 minutes | 89 euros

    Shape - 60 minutes | 89 euros

    Shape - 90 minutes (including exfoliation) | 126 euros