Gua Sha Gemstone Facial

Facial treatment with the Gua Sha stone

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This monthly special is ideal on warm summer days: it cools pleasantly, has a purifying effect, decongests and tightens the skin. The activating massage with the gemstone stimulates the lymph flow, helps well against swelling and congestion in the face. In addition, tensions are relieved and the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated, which makes for a beautiful rosy complexion on summer days.

The treatment includes

  • intensive cleansing
  • clarifying peeling
  • a massage with the Gua Sha gemstone
  • a nourishing serum
  • a cooling gel mask 


  • 45 minutes | 84 euros instead of the regular 94 euros
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  • 45 minutes | 84 euros instead of the regular 94 euros