Eyelashes & Eyebrows

The perfect enhancement for your eyes

Can be booked as an extra during your facial treatment

  • Eyebrow pluck | 10 euros
  • Eyebrow tint | 12 euros
  • Pluck and tint | 20 euros
  • Eyelash tint | 15 euros
  • Eyelash & eyebrow tint | 22 euros

Lashlifting | coming soon 
This is a special method for lifting and enhancing your own lashes without using artificial ones. Your eyelashes will look longer and more voluminous after this beauty treatment. 
Lifting + dyeing | 49 euros 
Lifting, dyeing + lamination | 69 euros

Brow Lift | coming soon 
Everything in top shape. More voluminous, firmer and fuller. Really put the spotlights on your eyebrows; after all, they are the final touch to your overall look. 
Brow lift | 69 euros

Eyelash extension 
No more mascara or eyelash tint: We thicken, elongate and intensify your eyelashes. We give you the lashes of your dreams by attaching individual extensions to each separate lash during this beauty treatment. 
New modelling | 180 euros
Refill - 2 weeks | 50 euros
Refill - 3 weeks | 60 euros 
Refill - 4 weeks | 70 euros 

More volume 
Exceptional volume, endless length and perfectly-formed arcs in a dimension that sets completely new standards. 
New modelling | 220 euros
Volume refill - 2 weeks | 60 euros
Volume refill - 3 weeks | 70 euros
Volume refill - 4 weeks | 80 euros 

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