Massages can truly work miracles, for example when you have a stiff neck, your back aches or when you are longing for relaxation of body, mind and soul.

Enjoy our broad range of massages that will positively affect your well-being.

Signature Treatment "Rosenzauber" | 120 minutes | 99 €
Face massage

Body scrub, full body massage and body wrap using exclusive Rosenpark Spa products.

120 minutes | 99 €


Swedish Massage | 25-50 minutes | from 36 €
swedish massage

Swedish massage therapy is also known as the classic massage. Swedish massage techniques apply deeper pressure than other kind of massage. They help to relieve physical and emotional stress and get the tonicity back to balance. Swedish massages are also known to increase oxygenation of blood and release metabolic waste.

Back massage 25 minutes | 36 €
Full-body massage 50 minutes | 65 €


Massage with essential oils | 25-50 minutes | from 39 €
Massage with essential oils

This gentle massage with high quality, aromatic oils boosts inner harmony and well-being.

Back massage 25 minutes | 39 €
Full-body massage 50 minutes | 69 €


Essential Back Massage | 40 minutes | 45 €

Swedish massage finishing with hot packs.

40 minutes | 45 €


Breuss massage | 30 minutes | 39 €

Breuss-Massage is a special way to your stretch your spine. Your intervertebral discs will be  relieved, can refill and blockages will be released. It is very deep massage to release cramped muscles with the help of a blood circulation-supporting St. John's wort oil.

30 minutes | 39 €


Anti-stress massage | 80 minutes | 99 €

Your therapist will work intuitively and combine various massage techniques so you experience complete regeneration and your energy starts to flow again. This may include the swedish massage, the use of hot stones or techniques from the Lomi Lomi treatment.

80 minutes | 99 €


Lomi Lomi Nui massage | 90 minutes | 115 €

We take you away to the paradise of Hawaii. Experience a full-body massage with the most exclusive natural oils that release mental blockages and provide body and spirit with new energy. The combination of the art of Hawaiian massage and relaxing music will take you to an unforgettable level of relaxation. You will be enchanted by the sounds of the music and the special gentle movements, and will very quickly reach a very deep level of relaxation.

90 minutes | 115 €

Foot reflexology | 30 minutes | 45 €
Foot massage

Foot reflexology can balance or stimulate the entire organ system and musculoskeletal system. Self-healing powers and metabolism will be activated.

30 minutes | 45 €


Hot Stone massage | 30-60 minutes | from 45 €
Hot Stone Massage

A very popular ceremony with a combination of warm basalt stones and fragrant oils that will take you to a deep level of relaxation. During the massage, the stones are moved gently or firmly over your body to release deep tension. 

30 minutes | 45 €
60 minutes | 79 €

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