Marburg is a venerable university town located right in the heart of Germany. Many famous historic figures have called Marburg their home including Emil von Behring, who discovered the vaccination for diphtheria, the Brothers Grimm wrote their famous fairy tales here, Denis Papin, who invented the steam engine, as well as Zwingli and Luther, who met in the Landgrave Castle in Marburg during the Colloquy to resolve their religious dispute. However, the most famous person of Marburg is probably Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia, who dedicated her life to the sick and poor about 800 years ago.

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Attractions & Sights in Marburg (Selection)

  • Churches
    St. Elizabeth Church, Kilianskapelle, Lutheran Parish Church, Kugelkirche, Michelchen
  • Castles
    Landgrave Castle, Casemates, Weißenstein Castle Ruins
  • Sights
    Town Hall, Wendelgasse, Spiegelslustturm
  • Culture and Museums
    Grimm-Dich-Path, House of Romanticism, University Museum of Art / of Culture History
  • Gardens and Parks
    Old Botanical Garden, Botanical Garden, Castle Grounds