New! Hydrafa­cial

New! Hydrafa­cial

Improvement of skin health and reduction of wrinkles

What is Hydrafacial?
Behind Hydrafacial lies an advanced and non-invasive skin care system for every skin type - the way to a healthy, youthful complexion. Through the treatment with the device and various attachments, elasticity and firmness as well as the luminosity of the complexion and uniformity of the skin structure are given. HydraFacial reduces wrinkles and pigment spots, helps against acne and cleans blocked pores.

"You see an amazing effect right after the first treatment, that's great. The skin looks much cleaner, fresher and smoother." Nadine Häuser, Head of Spa 

The pain-free HydraFacial treatment comprises a total of four steps, but can be further extended. 
First, old, dead skin cells are removed. A peeling then softens deposits in the pores, which also serves as preparation for the subsequent deep cleansing - impurities and dissolved sebum deposits are removed from the pore structure. Finally, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid are added to the skin. 

1st & 2nd cleansing and peeling
Renews the skin's surface through a gentle
Peeling and the removal of the uppermost skin layer.

3. purification + hydration
Removes impurities from the pores by painless suction. Intensively moisturizes the skin.

4. care and protection
Introduces antioxidants and peptides into the skin's surface to create a uniquely luminous
To create complexion

The basic treatment - you can also book extensions afterwards - is available between 45 and 90 minutes from 139 Euro.
The following add-ons are offered: Dermabuilder Boost (reduces the signs of skin aging), Glysal Boost (minimizes blockage of pores) and Britenol Boost (reduces visibility of pigment spots).


    • between 45 and 90 minutes from 139 Euros

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