Esensa Wave Suite

A body-warm waterbed

Glide into the gentle waves of the body-temperature wate rbed and feel it’s comforting warmth spreads through your body. The power of water, the vibrations of music and the unique combination of Esensa Mediterana's aroma, thalassotherapy and phytotherapy come together. In this whole body treatment, every single cell of the body is addressed, the regeneration process begins and the body is stimulated to detoxify. You will feel weightless. All this has an effect on your senses. You will leave your everyday life behind you. 

Constructive waves 
in loose clothing without oil 
45 minutes | 65 euros
75 minutes | 110 euros 

We gently release your blocks by stretching and loosening your joints and fasciae. Enjoy the feeling of deep comfort and security and simply let yourself go. 

Regenerating waves
with oil
45 minutes | 65 euros
75 minutes | 110 euros

Forget your everyday stress and simply let go. Enjoy the tranquillity and time for yourself.

For expectant mothers 
60 minutes | 89 euros

Enjoy weightlessness in the gentle waves of our massage bed. Exfoliation + moisture package for your face, combined with a gentle massage for your legs and feet.

Massage for your head, neck, legs and feet
75 minutes | 110 Euro

You will feel safe and sound and weightless

Signature Treatment
The perfect wave
160 minutes | 245 Euro

We’ll pamper you from head to toe, and you’ll get to experience an exceptional relaxation ritual. We involve all your senses, and you will feel reborn.

For an additional 25 euros, you can also enjoy our other massages or body treatments in the Esensa Wave Suite. Why not give them a try?

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  • Constructive waves | from 65 euros

    Regenerating waves | from 65 euros

    For expectant mothers | 89 euros

    Massage for your head, neck, legs and feet | 110 euros

    Signature treatment | 245 euros

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